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Mayor Rick Bonnette is one of the most energetic, thoughtful and pragmatic municipal leaders in Canada today. On the “Buy American" issue which threatened 100’s of jobs in Halton Hills and tens of thousands jobs across Canada by restricting Canadian made products sold in America, Mayor Rick
Was the leading voice drawing international attention to the need for “ fair and reciprocal trade” with our neighbors to the south.

~Veso Sebot President of IPEX International

"With great pleasure I endorse Rick Bonnette's decision to run for the office of Mayor of Halton Hills. Over the years he has proven to be a man of unimpeachable integrity, dedicated to the future prosperity of our town.  He has  a broad and deep understanding of all the issues confronting Halton Hills and has the courage to speak up for its citizens in both provinicial and federal strongholds in Canada to get things done.  With Rick at the helm we can face the future with confidence."

~Gerald Rennie

“In the 14 years I have served with Rick Bonnette—3 years as his ward mate and 11 years with him as Mayor---I have learned much.  Rick is a true leader who willingly  listens to both taxpayers and colleagues, and, whether he agrees with them or not, always respects their rights.  He has a true vision for the community he leads.” 

~ Joan Robson

"Mayor Bonnette is proactive and a staunch supporter of local initiatives. I had no idea there was a proposed highway (4-3) that would bisect our rural areas  until I received a note from him in the mail. I called the mayors office and was able to speak to him  -he had all the facts at hand and I felt relieved he wanted to fight this MTO project.  His unwavering support to  CRASHH  was incredible. He works hard for his constituents and for the good of Halton Hills !"

~ Wendy Bruchal, President of CRASHH

I recognize in Rick Bonnette his organizational ability in that he quarterbacked our Georgetown Hospital joining the North-south relationship with Oakville Trafalgar and Milton General Hospital. Without his energy, this re-alliance would never have occurred. If this had not happened our hospital may have closed in the future."

~ Graeme Goebelle former Georgetown Citizen of the Year

“I have know Rick Bonnette for many years. His experience and leadership abilities have proven him to be our best choice as Mayor. He cares about his community and is not afraid to make tough decisions on issues that make Halton Hills a better place to live. He is the Mayor for the people."

~ Carol Lawson Resident of Ward 2

"Rick Bonnette is someone that's willing to lend support and go the extra mile when he recognizes a genuine problem. It's reassuring to know that you have this kind of support in the community."

~ John Hayward President of Hayward Gordon

“Rick Bonnette is a very approachable and receptive Mayor. He has always continued this trait by participating in the rural community and being responsive to our concerns."

~Eric Kowal, Past President of the Hornby Area Ratepayers Association.

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