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Accomplishments: Responsive, Decisive Experienced

Goes the extra mile


"Rick Bonnette is someone that's willing to lend support and go the extra mile when he recognizes a genuine problem. It's reassuring to know that you have this kind of support in the community."

John Hayward

Experience makes a difference

“Because of his experience, Rick Bonnette was able to take a lead position negotiating with the provincial government to ensure Georgetown Hospital remained a fully functioning community hospital. Experience makes a difference and our proof is the wonderful community hospital we have today. Thank you Rick.”

Dave Merchant

Effective and decisive leader

“Mayor Rick Bonnette has proven to be an inclusive, effective and decisive leader, taking a pro-active and responsible approach to all issues. I have benefited from his guidance, knowledge and accessibility, and I have witnessed first hand the value of his vast municipal experience at both the local and regional level. He willingly and eagerly shares the spotlight with his council colleagues and Town staff, and recognizes the importance of working together as a team for the betterment of the Town of Halton Hills and its citizens.”

Jon Hurst, Councillor
Ward 1 Town of Halton Hills

Dedicated and Committed

“Rick has done a fabulous job. I am very familiar with the outstanding job he has done in restructuring Halton Hills Hydro. I also am aware of his leadership in saving Georgetown Hospital; addressing and helping our local companies to combat Obama's "Buy American" plan; helping employees of Curwood Packaging who lost their jobs when their American parent closed their Georgetown plant; his personal involvement and commitment to all of our local charities and I'm sure many, many other issues.”

Halton Hills is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed Mayor... one that the majority of communities in Ontario would die to have as their Mayor.

Gary Groves
Former Halton Hilld Board Member


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