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Accomplishments: Experienced, Decisive Responsive

Without his energy, this
re-alliance would never have occurred

“I recognize in Rick Bonnette his organizational ability in the way he quarterbacked our Georgetown Hospital joining the North-South relationship with Oakville Trafalgar and Milton General Hospital. Without his energy, this re-alliance would never have occurred. If this had not happened our hospital may have closed in the future.”

Graeme Goebelle

Approachable and receptive

“Rick Bonnette was very approachable and receptive as our Ward 2 regional councillor, and more so, continues this trait as Mayor by continuing to participate in the rural community and being responsive to our concerns.”

Eric Kowal, President
Hornby Area Rate Payers Association

Listens to suggestions and concerns Murray & Williams

"Out of love and concern for our kids' safety and well being, Save Our Buses" was born! It was with guidance from Mayor Rick and his team, that we were able to bring our voice to the Halton school boards. Ultimately, he came through for the kids! Thank you Mayor Rick!"”

Sandra Murray & Carolyn Williams

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